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Get Ready to Match The Jury!

Kid Again Inflatable Fun Shows

This game show is similar to the new game show on ABC starring Alex Baldwin and the hugely popular 1970's game show starring Gene Rayburn, Charles Nelson Rielly and Brett Sommers where contestants try to "match the stars."  Your contestants will try to "match the jury!"

You provide the jury members and the contestants, and we'll provide the Television City game show set, entertaining host and all the fun, music and sound effects.

Six people sit on the stage behind two large jury panels and act as the jury.  Two people sit on the other side of the stage behind two podiums and are the contestants whom are competing against each other.

Our host will read the jury and contestants a phrase or joke with a missing piece.  The contestants try to guess what the jury members will put in the missing "blank."  For example: "One spy said to another, be careful about what you say to Marilyn.  Her [BLANK] is really a microphone."  The jury members each write down their answer (like earring, nose, bra, corsage, etc.).  The contestants earn one point for each jury member they match.  The player with the most matches, wins!

Kid Again Inflatable Fun Shows

Lots of Players

Match The Jury allows for maximum participation with six Jurors and two contestants in each game.  Games last 15 to 20 minutes each so you can rotate players and jury members between games as much as you like.

Match The Jury is a hilariously funny game show that spectators and players will thoroughly enjoy!

Match The Jury is great for corporate events, holiday parties, convensions and stage shows for fairs and town festivals.  Book Match The Jury for your next event.

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